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UK Top 100

i'm german and my english is not so good but i want to try if somebody can help me.
i want to collect the uk charts (mp3) from 1955 (my year of birth) till 2000. now i'm in march 1991 (at this time there is a top 100).
but from 13.04.1991 there is only a top 75.
can anybody help me for the weekly numbers 76-100?

i don't want music - i only want to know more about 76-100.

i wish all the users a happy new year 
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Re: UK Top 100

This post was updated on .

You can see the charts on the above link.

Most tracks are available from my blog already !!!

Just look at the years listed on the right hand side ..

We have other tracks that may not have been added yet,

so ask and you may well get..

I'm sure someone here has the list in another format  for you..